Knowledge is power | Kennis is macht, light box, 2018

Scienta Potentio Est is a Latin statement by Francis Bacon (1597). The sentence means in Dutch ‘Knowledge is power’. With this sentence, Bacon stated that knowledge and / or training is one of the most important things in life.

What if your mother was fourteen years old when she was taken out of the classroom by her father to finally go to work at home.

I want to ask the question whether it is no longer about the possession of knowledge but about the accessibility of knowledge. Since we can use internet, knowledge is no longer included by one person or organization. Not the knowledge itself that provides the owner with power, but much more the accessibility of that knowledge: Google does not have the knowledge but knows how to find it. Why know if you can google it.

Club Solo Breda (NL) – Moment of Trust, 2018